Zhinvali water reservoir

When you rented a car in Tbilisi, and you have a little time left (or you want to see the beautiful nature and head towards the mountains), be sure to leave Tbilisi!

Passing past Mtskheta (the beautiful and ancient capital of Georgia) after 50 km from Tbilisi you will see a huge turquoise-colored lake among low mountains and hills. This is Zhinvali water reservoir of a hydroelectric power station, from where drinking water enters Tbilisi.

In the early 70s, it was decided to build a hydro complex to provide water to the capital of Georgia. The place of Zhinvali settlement was chosen, which included 18 villages.

These villages had to be flooded, people were moved to other places. Since then, the reservoir and bears its name.

The reservoir produces 484 million kWh of electricity per year. The hydropower station provides water to the cities of Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Rustavi and adjacent settlements, as well as irrigation of the lands of the Iori river gorge.


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